Award-winning car supermarket

Challenge / Opportunity

Big Motoring World is one of the UK’s largest car supermarkets, stocking over 3,500 cars across six sites.
Our challenge was to redesign the entire Big Motoring World website on desktop and mobile - not just with new brand guidelines from brand agency The Ninety-Niners, but to also realign the site architecture and redesign every single page from scratch with a focus on user experience.Over two 5-day UX Sprints (10 days in total), we mapped out the entire existing website and identified key customer journey workflows, notably the process of searching and reserving a car. We then split the project into three tracks:

- Design System - Creating a new library of composable components based on the new branding guidelines to be used across the website

- Searching/Browsing for a car - Redesigning all entry points into the search/browse process, through to the vehicle details page and the reservation workflow

- Static page redesign - All non-dynamic marketing pages, including news, blog, about, car finance and more.


  • User research
  • Market research
  • Wireframing
  • UX design
  • Design system
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Icon design


  • 2x Senior UX Designers
  • 1x Researcher
Sep 2021


  • MotorTrader
    Website Of The Year 2022
  • MotorTrader
    Dealer Website Of The Year 2022


For this challenge, we recommended our 5-Day UX Sprint.
5-Day UX Sprint
Our UX Sprints are the fastest way to execute. No internal meetings. No sales calls. No long lunches. No helping Gary in accounts
We had a four hour meeting the week before the sprint to meet the team, discuss the project brief, walkthrough the current registration and onboarding process, confirm the deliverables and obtain any necessary assets before the first day of the sprint.
Daily calls
Every morning we had a 15 minute stand up with the Big Motoring World team
Show & Tell
At the end of each day we sent an email with a link to a prototype plus a video screencast of us presenting our work to the Big Motoring World team
Prototypes not presentations - we prefer to show prototypes instead of screens. This allowed the Big Motoring World team to walk through user journeys instead of a set of static screens.

Outcomes & Deliverables

200+ screens
Desktop and mobile web UI
Production-ready screens, assets and iconography
Comprehensive prototype split into user journeys
User testing
Video and feedback presented in a report
Design System
Colour, iconography, typography, grids, components
Custom iconography
Bespoke iconography
Video walkthrough
Sharable video of us presenting the final deliverables
10 day delivery
Start to finish in just 10 days
“Extending the organization’s reach by providing information to young people who don’t have access to sex education.”
Bob Jones
Product Director, BBC

Web UI Design

Mobile UI Design