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Different words. Same flexible service
Precode On Demand is a flexible alternative for companies that need world class UX and product design, without the hassle.

Pay-as-you-go UX design

We get it. You need world class UX design but don’t want to be dragged into up-front costs, a minimum monthly spend and long-term contract.

Fixed hourly rate

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use. No unused hours, no premium rate fees for going above your retainer agreement

No minimum monthly spend

No pressure, no busywork

Ditch the pressure to use up a minimum monthly spend on busywork. Spend what you want on what you want

No lock-in period

Say goodbye to long-term contracts

Freedom first. No minimum agreement. No lock-in periods. No giving notice.

No up-front costs

Jump straight in - no signing-on fees

No entry fees. No barriers. We can start solving your UX problems within 48 hours.


Ultimate flexibility

Pay only for what you use and not a minute more.

Scale up. Scale down

Agile UX design

Because not every month is the same. When you need us we'll be there.
a tub of anti agency cream

The Anti-Retainer

Ah… the retainer: the agency world's holy grail, offering the allure of guaranteed monthly revenue for agencies from clients who might not tap into their full allocation of hours. 
On the surface, it's a dream come true:

Agencies get financial stability, while clients get discounted access to a pool of creative talent, ready to spring into action with preferential turnaround times.

But here's the catch: The retainer model, while not inherently flawed, often veers off course when agency and client incentives misalign. What starts as a secure, mutually beneficial arrangement can quickly turn into a rigid pact that prioritises agency revenue over client value and agility.

Clients typically find themselves locked into paying for hours they don’t use, or exceeding their  discounted hours and facing premium rates and escalating costs.

Meanwhile, the agency, comforted by a steady income, might lose the drive to push creative boundaries, settling instead to meeting the bare minimum required by the contract.

What’s the alternative? The good old, much maligned pay-as-you-go model. 

1. Client and agency are aligned, the client only pays for what they need
2. Clients retain financial and operational agility
3. Agencies are kept sharp, incentivised to perform and their peak.
No busy-work. Promise.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier. Risk free and no up-front costs.
Start sending UX design tasks in the next 24 hours

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No up-front costs, no minimum terms. Just a one-page simple agreement

Onboarding call

Simple 30 minute preflight call for us to align with your business and product goals


We use Asana to track everything. But we’re equally happy coming over to your environment

Reporting & invoicing

Each week you’ll receive a report of the hours we’ve used. On the 1st of each month we’ll invoice
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Recent work

We help startups and teams get the right product into development, first time. Check out some of our recent sprints.
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Changing how the world is mapped


Insurance reimagined

Mid Counties Coop

Refreshing customer loyalty


Designing the next generation of DeFi

"Precode's skills and experience are top-notch, and the level of quality they provide is exceptional."

Ashley Burton
Head of Product, Eckoh

"Ben and Matt are exceptional product designers and have built a fast-paced, world-class agency."

Peter Atalla
CEO at Voxelmaps

"They know their stuff and have gotten under the skin of our business and what we want to achieve."

Victoria Lewis-Stephens
Managing Director, United Culture

"Precode's skills and experience are top-notch, and the level of quality they provide is exceptional."

Ashley Burton
Head of Product, Eckoh
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We’re a mixture of strategists, designers and technologists with a broad range of capabilities.


Digital transformation
Product strategy
User research
Customer journey mapping


UX Design
Visual design
Design systems
Motion design and animation
Brand identity


Technical consultancy
Rapid prototyping
Mobile development
Frontend development
Backend development & API integration
Web3 development

The real cost of in-house design

Design costs thousands. Bad design costs more. Hiring a designer costs even more.

15 - 20%

Recruitment Expenses

I mean.. no one likes paying recruitment company fees, do they?

£45 - 150K

Annual Salary

Experience and location depending you can expect to pay up to £150k for a senior designer. Add another 40% for overheads

40 days

Time to Hire

Hiring takes time. Anytime from a few weeks to several months.

2 Years

Average Tenure

Just two years! And then it all starts again. The continuity is lost.

Who’s it for?

Whether you're an early-stage MVP, a post-revenue startup, a SaaS company aiming for growth, or a fast-moving digital product team, our On-Demand service is for you.

Early-stage MVPs and post-revenue startups

Get your product off the ground with a design team that understands the unique challenges of the startup environment.

SaaS companies aiming for growth

Take your SaaS product to the next level with our comprehensive design and strategy services.

Companies without an in-house design team

Fill the gap in your business with our On-Demand service, providing you with a full-fledged design team without the hiring hassle.

Companies struggling to retain quality designers

Say goodbye to retention worries. Our team is here to stay, providing consistent, high-quality design services.

All work. All play.

Discovery call

Schedule a free 30 mins discovery call. We can talk about your challenges and how we may be able to help. No pressure.
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Some common questions

What is an on-demand product design team

On-demand product design teams are often hired by companies that need to develop a new product or improve an existing one, but do not have an in-house design team or need additional resources to augment their existing team.

By working with Precode's on-demand product design team, companies can access the skills and expertise they need to bring their product ideas to life, without having to invest in building and managing an in-house design team.

How does your service compare to hiring a full-time designer?

Our service provides you with access to a team of senior UK product designers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time designer. Plus, you won't have to worry about recruitment, retention, or overhead costs.

Why wouldn't I just hire an in-house product team?

Employing a team of experienced designers and developers is expensive and time consuming. It's not just the salaries national insurance, pensions, computer equipment. Have you hired the right people, the right mix of people? Do you have enough interesting work to retain them in your company?

With Precode On-Demand, you can scale up or down depending on when you need design resource.

What types of businesses can benefit from your On-Demand service?

Our On-Demand service is ideal for startups, SaaS companies, and any business that needs regular design work but doesn't have the resources or need for a full-time in-house design team.

Who are the designers?

Our product design team is comprised of senior UK-based designers. Our founders have over 20 years experience each in product design.

You get the 'A-team' - we don't palm off work to junior designers.

How quickly can you start?

We like to organise a kick off & on-boarding call a few days after you subscribe to a plan. Once you have been onboarded we can start your designs.

How do I submit product design requests?

After your on-boarding call you will receive an onboarding email with links to your personal

1. Request Form
2. Asana Board
3. Slack login details

For a brand new project, we would recommend setting up a Zoom call with us to discuss. This can be done via Slack.

For on going work, you can use your unique request form thats linked to your Asana board.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

Once subscribed you can add as many requests to your Asana board as you like. You can also set the priority of each task and we will work on the highest priority items first.

We will work through your requests one at a time.

How fast will I receive my designs?

This all depends on what type of design we are working on.

For simpler tasks we aim to get you something in 1-2 business days. If we're working on a larger project, we will send you regular progress updates via Asana / Slack.

Before the start of your project, we will always give you an estimate of how long we expect the design to take.

What if I need a design task completed urgently?

We understand that sometimes urgent tasks come up. While we can't guarantee faster delivery times, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have an urgent request.

How do I approve designs?

Simple! You tag the task in Asana as " Approved".

Do you offer fixed cost projects?

We do! Contact us to discuss your project

Do you offer development services

At present we only offer development as part of our fixed cost projects.

If you have a project that requires development contact us to discuss your project

How do you bill the subscription?

You can choose to be either billed via debit or credit card, via Stripe or we can send you an monthly invoice.

Payments need to be paid in full before we begin next months work.

What project management tools do you use?

We use Asana to manage all projects, design requests and approvals.

What communication tools do you use?

Whilst we use Slack as our primary communication tool, we're happy to use whatever communication tool you like.

What if im unhappy with the designs?

No problem, we will continue to revise the design until you're happy.