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What is a 3-Day UX Sprint?

3-Day UX Sprints compress potentially weeks of work into just three days.

You get a world-class design team focused on your design challenges. No internal meetings. No sales calls. No long lunches. No helping Gary from accounts. For three days we live and breath your product.

“Execution on steroids”

CTO at Navmii, John Boardman

Why run a 3-day UX Sprint?

UX Sprints are the fastest way to execute on a new feature, improve an existing feature, or even design an entire digital product, app or website. Three days, a fixed price, an agreed start and end date.

Execution on Steroids.

Typical use cases

UX Sprints are the most effective way to execute quickly and deliver in under 3 days.
Redesign a page or section
Create a high-conversion landing page
A/B pages
Logo and brand design
App icon design
Onboarding design or redesign
Design systems and UI kits
Redesign an entire website or app
Mobile app design
Business process improvement
One-page websites
... and much more

The 3-day UX Sprint Process

The UX Sprint is a focused process that will help you rapidly execute on a challenge in under 3-days. We run a half-day pre-flight workshop (remotely or in-person) to understand the task and define the outcome. After that, we focus on the challenge - for three long days we live and breath your product, pausing only to participate in our daily update with you.
(Half day)
Pre-flight definition of tasks, outcomes and expectations
Day 1
100% focused UX design

Daily update
Day 2
100% focused UX design

Daily update
Day 3
100% focused UX design

Daily update
Production-ready assets

Handover the working files

What is the outcome of the
3-Day UX Sprint?

The outcome of every UX Sprint is a high-fidelity interactive solution to the problem that was defined in the pre-flight meeting. Whatever the challenge - homepage redesign, app redesign, on-boarding, etc - we’ll provide your team with production-ready files, a high-fidelity prototype and a video walk-through.

Your prototype will look and feel like a real product.

Design files (in Figma or Sketch)
Production-ready design assets
Recommended next steps based on effort / impact.
A high-fidelity interactive prototype
An in-depth, video walkthrough with the results of the sprint, and recommendations on how to proceed


Breakdown of everything you get with a Precode UX Sprint.
3 days of entire Precode team focused on delivery
Pre-flight discovery meeting
Video walkthrough
Developer-ready working files
Project handover from Precode

Success stories

Our clients benefit from honest, authentic passion for our craft, and over twenty years of product design experience.
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What happens after a 3-Day UX Sprint?

Once the 3-Day UX Sprint is over, you will have everything you need to solve the challenge. In the project handover pack will be the product-ready files, or high-resolution images you need for your presentation. Whatever challenge you set, the resulting artefacts will be made available.

Use a second 3-day UX sprint to integrate feedback, expand the challenge, or open up new pages or screens to be designed, re-designed or a/b tested.

Why use Precode 3-Day UX Sprints?

Working with Precode, you are plugging your company into a world-class product strategy and UX design team. We have over 20 years experience delivering UX design to startups, rapidly growing companies and established brands.

On a Precode 3-Day Ux Sprint you get the entire design team focused on your design challenge. No internal meetings. No sales calls. No long lunches. No helping Gary from accounts. For three days we live and breath your product.

Our team have design products that have grown from zero to 28 million users, that are used by people in over 190 countries, and designed for the best known brands in the world including Audi, AXA, Jaguar Land Rover, FSCS, Virgin and many more.

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Precode is a specialist UX design agency that helps global brands, agencies, startups and investors build better products, faster.
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