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How to reinvent a
CPG strategy in a well established food category.

We say tomato, you say boring. Probably. The fact is, canned tomatoes aren’t going to get people salivating. The challenge was how to position Red Gold in an entrenched category owned by Rotel, Hunt’s, and Heinz. The category was ripe for change because the leaders had been doing the same thing for so long. And most competitors simply followed their lead.

Our target? Moms. Specifically, millennial moms. Canned tomatoes are the underdog ingredient that elevate a dish and get no credit. By positioning Red Gold around the theme of authenticity, quality and happiness, we could attract a new market segment through brand personality and give Red Gold’s tomatoes the limelight they deserve.

The Process


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UX Design

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& Prototyping

UI Design

" They are uniquely able to put aside personal 
feelings and validate all of the recommendations that they give you. "
Craig Smith



Two 5-day UX Sprints


Production-ready UI assets
Design system
Branding assets


£175,000 seed funding