AI and machine learning platform

Crowdsourced rewards

How do machines learn? To recognise a coffee mug, it needs to see a lot of coffee mugs. How to do this at scale? The crowd. Rewarded.

Choose a simple task

It all starts with a simple task. Images, audio, location: all captured with a smart phone.

Simple tasks, simple interface

AI and machine learning is incredibly complex. The interface needn’t be. Even for a Design Sprint, we delivered a clean, simple and intuitive user experience.

The right product, first time

In two days we defined the problem and designed the solution. Two days after that, an interactive mobile and desktop prototype, tested by real people.

Immersive user experience

User testing works best with an immersive experience.

… and we threw in a new brand.

Solution, alignment, validation

One week. One new product. Interactive mobile and desktop prototypes. User feedback and validation.

“LOVED the sprint process with them. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a design partner”

Andrey Trifinov - CTO, CrowdReward

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